Dabbling In Bitcoin

Check out what apps are available for you!

Bitcoin has revolutionized the global world of finance, technology, and digital currency. Whilst being a bit of a legal and regulatory nightmare for the legal, regulatory, and banking systems.

It has proven a hit with the online world as it offers a safe, secure method of transferring small to large amounts of currency with just a click of a button. Like it or not, Bitcoin is here to stay!

So if you are new to the world of virtual currencies, how can you dip your toes in the proverbial waters? We would suggest taking a look at some of the great bitcoin apps on the market that will allow you explore this new and exciting world safely and securely, and at your own pace!

1. Bitcoin Exchange Apps

This is a great bitcoin exchange app for truck drivers and it offers a fantastic alternative method of payment for those whose life is out on the open road. If security is a concern and you don’t want to carry around large sums of cash, then bitcoin could well be the answer that you have been looking for.

This app also offers industry specific trucking jobs, industry news and updates, and a chat and forum facility where you can chat to other truckers about anything and everything that you wish. It truly is a superbly versatile app for those road warriors amongst us.

2. Bitcoin Game Apps

There are lots of creative, innovative, fun, and productive Bitcoin themed games out there for you to dabble in, have some fun and even win some real Bitcoins! You can choose from mining games, fighting games, and games themed around other successful non-Bitcoin games.

What better way to spend some down time than by having fun and earning real currency?

3. Virtual Wallets

A virtual wallet is where you store your Bitcoins and it also allows you to send and receive them with just a couple of clicks or swipes. Some options even offer you insurance as well as an extra, reassuring layer of protection You can also convert them and access a number of other currencies as well!

4. Payment Apps

Once you have your Bitcoins, for one reason or another you may wish to change them into REAL cash. There are a range of payment apps available to you that allow you to do just this quickly and easily. You can also send donations, make payments online and with retailers, and even pay your bills!

As Bitcoin continues to evolve and become more mainstream, the range and quality of apps will continue to grow and improve.

You will find more and more big names accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment as well as more places where you can spend your hard-mined coins.

If you haven’t yet got into the world of virtual currencies, we would advise that you keep your eye on the ball because this new hi-tech way of making payments and investing is not going anywhere and will only continue to grow as technology keeps advancing.

Written by Bitcoin Mining on May 13, 2017.