How Does MetaTrader 4 For Mac Match Up?

It is almost unanimous that MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the best platform for trading Forex and CFDs. Nearly every broker offers MT4 for free, as even its successor, MetaTrader 5, has failed to reach the same heights. The biggest downside of MT4 has been that no native software has been created for Mac operating systems.

Which, for the growing number of Mac users, is incredibly frustrating. There have been workarounds, such as installing Windows on your Mac, but I cannot believe that any Mac user wants (or even tolerates) that.

Lately, the best Forex and CFD brokers have begun offering a version of MetaTrader 4 for Mac.

This is their own adaptation, and not a product from the MT4 developers. And so, you might be wondering whether it matches up to the Windows version.

1. Functionality is the same ...

When it comes down to it, MetaTrader 4 software for Mac does just about everything that the Windows app does. It has all the functions and analytic tools. Execution of trades is exactly the same.

The interface is the same, which makes it just as user-friendly and intuitive as the original, Windows version.

It is also straightforward to install, working as any other Mac software does. As with the Windows version, MT4 is a pleasure to use.

2. ... with a caveat

Okay, so it’s not exactly the same. The difference is apparent when it comes to automated trading. Automated trading relies on the very accurate application of scripts, an accuracy that MT4 for Mac cannot ensure.

Since it is an emulated app, Expert Advisors, custom indicators, and trading robots may not function as intended.

Look, I tend to shy away from automated trading in the first place. In my opinion, it’s quite a sloppy way to trade, and I haven’t seen many traders make a lot of money that way. However, if automated trading is for you, MT4 for Mac is not. You're better off finding a way to use a Windows computer to do your trading.

3. It’s heavy

Finally, one of the most significant differences between the original software and MT4 for Mac is that MT4 for Mac is a much “heavier” app. While the Windows app is lightweight and fast, the Mac app is around 200MB. It’s cumbersome, and nobody - especially not Mac users - enjoys a cumbersome app.

Instead of being quick to download and a pleasure to load, it will drain your system’s resources.

Now, while this is a downside, it should not be a reason to stay away from MT4 for Mac. After all, there is no better software than MetaTrader 4, and this is the best option you have for using it on your Mac computer. All of the other workarounds have the same downside, along with many others.


MetaTrader 4 is known as the best Forex trading platform. Now it is available for Mac users and is mostly reliable. If you intend on using automated trading, you should try find another option, but for any other traders, MT4 for Mac is your best bet.

Written by MetaTrader 4 on December 9, 2016.