Cryptocurrency - Who Are Involved With It?

cryptocurrency involved

Since the moment of Bitcoin’s appearance, I started some kind of a heavy research about the people involved with it and what the top entrepreneurs can say something regarding the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

A number of very notable and remarkable quotes from powerful global business entrepreneurs aware of their opinions that is related to blockchain technology, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and free payment systems.

Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft

"In the future, financial transactions will be digital, universal and almost free."

Ben Bernanke, Ex-Chairman of Federal Reserve

"Virtual currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system."

Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin

"It feels strange to think of a world without cash, no more coins or notes to find down the back of the sofa, but it appears that's the way things are heading."

One vital note is to take after sort of speak money trail. As one may have observe the investment of Venture Capital with these digital technologies and currencies which increased from just two million in 2012 to one billion in 2015.

Up to this date, no less than eleven top investment banks distinguished is R3 which is an industry wide corporation of forty-two (42) investment banks which are interested in these technologies. In no particular order, the banks are BMO Financial Group, Barclays, Australia’s Commonwealth Bank, Credit Suisse, Natixis, HSBC, Scotland’s Royal Bank, UBS, TD Bank, Wells Fargo and UniCredit.

There are also other banking titans like CITI Banks, Bank of America and many other not tagged here which are being tangled in this technology.

Most of the common everyday person have either not heard of this, no form of idea or not really interested to learn anything about this concept, and I am pretty sure of it.

To those people who takes even a little bit of their time research or learn this subject, you may end up asking yourself if it is worth it to spending time for. But my answer to you is a big YES!

I am very much interested to conduct a discussion on this concept especially on the process of capitalizing this market and technology. As well as I am very much open to extend my knowledge regarding this matter and what are the things I have done to gain my expertise in this field that I am very much eager to impart it to people who are interested to learn and willing to listen this topic.

I very much believe that through thorough research, giving care to who’s involved and the chance to becoming a pioneer by making use of the current opportunities within reach will make an undeniable advantage for those people who can see where this kind of market is going to.

By the time somebody acknowledges there’s an advantage to this knowledge, they may suddenly have strategy or organize a plan to gain their considerable market share.

That is the vital factor here since it is not just important to acquire knowledge but to utilize it into strategy formulation and then implementing it together with the same minded individuals.

For those people who acquired knowledge however did not succeed in implementing a strategy that was granted to them to gain market share ends up missing out a lost opportunity.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on June 26, 2017.